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I Am More Than Your BBC Fetish

By: Asa Leveaux

· Sex,gay,LGBTQ

What in the world are you talking about?!

I'm talking about exactly what you think I'm talking about! I am referring to the not-so-public world of sexual fetishes that are uncommonly common in the LGBTQ landscape. The topic has actually been written before by various individuals. One particular essay was written for the Advocate by Jeremy Helligar and is titled, "Do You Want Me Just Because I'm Black?" I have often wondered about this as well having grown up in the buckle of the "bible belt" that is known as Oklahoma. To live in this particular section of the United States is to experience a dichotomy. On one hand you are met with such objections as "Oh, I don't date black guys". On the other limp wristed hand you are hit with "Give me that BBC".

What is BBC?

BBC is the acronym that stands for "Big Black Cock". Is it crude? Yes. However, is it apart of daily vernacular as well as a hashtag? Yes! I've done a simple search for the origins for the term BBC and was not able to find anything of true substance. What I can gather is that the term is met with the collective cultural trauma of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade where, once arriving on a "plantation" slaves were literally bred just as a horse or a pig would be. The reality of how it feels like to be referred to as "BBC" is also laced with unforgivable pride. Pride in the knowing that you may have something that is inherent to the definition of masculinity that out measures total groups of people on the planet.


How can I be more?


It takes more than a notion to not allow the sexualized term to define the totality of one's existence regardless of how erotically enduring it may be. For myself, it was indeed a journey to come to the realization that I was beautiful AND valuable not because of what could be measured but because of what could never be.

Asa Leveaux serves as the Queer School™ professor and founder. He identifies as bisexual and utilizes the pronouns that include he/him.

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