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Queer New Year Resolutions

By Asa Leveaux

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Queer New Year Resolutions


And just so I am clear, that is for the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans*, those queer and questioning and any other unicorns out there in the world.

Now that 2018 has come it is time to make a few resolutions...or not.

To help you with this endeavor I am going to provide you with a few of them that are not so serious and a few that you may feel are.

  • LOVE MORE: If you thought that I was talking about someone that you met on Tinder or Grindr then you have missed my intent because I desire that you love YOU more
  • BE LOYAL: There are many things about queer life and culture that are predominant but don't bring joy and not being loyal to friends and lovers is one of them.
  • FIND JOY: This goes out to all of my sour-faced sisters and brothers out there that talk trash about everything and everyone
  • DETACH: We do a great deal on our phones from dating to connecting to shopping to creating and sometimes it can all be too much.
  • GET MOVING: It doesn't matter if you are blessed in the body department or not, we can all do better to ensure we live healthy lives because none of us will be able to dance on a box covered in glitter forever.

Now go out there and be fabulous!

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